Silver Lining Herbs for Dogs

Dogs have become the victims of an environment depleted of nutrients in their food. By nature dogs are hunters and acquire their food from a wide variety of game, from mice and rats to elk and deer, depending on their size. The nutrients they get from their prey are directly associated to the vegetation the prey animals feed on. If the prey animal is not able to acquire nutritious feed then the nutrients needed by the dog are also not available. The dog by nature is not a big consumer of herbs as is a horse or cow, but they still need the nutrients in a usable form as they always have needed to be replaced. You see, as the plant grows, it garners certain vitamins and minerals out of the ground that it needs to grow to its optimum health. It then changes these nutrients to a form it can utilize through the osmotic process, which then prepares the nutrients for a usable form for the grazing animal. When the grazing animal is eaten by the hunter, whether it is man or beast, they acquire the usable nutrients as they come from the prey. This is how it was all designed to work from the beginning. How it is working now is the dog no longer hunts for a living, in most cases, and when it does, it does not hunt animals that are fed on a wide variety of natural feed sources. Most often the feed these animals are fed are raised on chemicals and synthetics, which are then passed on to the consumer, in this case the dog. Most domestic dogs rely on someone to feed them and in most cases they are being fed corn or rice. Some are lucky enough to get a food source which contains some real beef, lamb, or chicken, most of which are by products of undesirable meat sources such as barnyard fatalities. Many of these fatalities occur after having been injected with everything known to the chemical world. The next best thing for a dog to eat, to get the nutrients they need, is a clean food source and supplement with the nutrients in their usable form, found in Silver Lining Herbs. Silver Lining got its start from the horse industry, but by popular demand has grown into the dog world. For years the dogs of family and friends have benefited from the use of these fine products that are now available to the public.

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