History of Silver Lining Herbs      

Silver Lining Herbs has been in the making for over thirty years. Mickey Young (owner), was an eleven time qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo as a contestant, seven times as a stock contractor, and one time as a pick-up man. The only man in history to complete such a feat over the years, Mickey placed over 60 saddle horses, bucking horses, and bulls at the world’s most prestigious rodeo, the NFR. The secrets behind all of his success are the products that Silver Lining now offers to the public. Silver Lining believes in simply replacing the support that has been taken away, through time, from our horses in order for them to perform to the best of their ability. Many years of hands-on experience has helped Silver Lining formulate extremely beneficial herbal equine products to help horses receive the edge they need to compete at the highest level.

The concept began with Mickey's father who grew up in close proximity to the Navajo Indians, where he spent years learning a great deal about medicinal herbs from them. Mickey's father is also a rancher and worked for the Bureau of Land Management for over 20 years as a range rider. Part of his training was to be able to identify the different species of vegetation that grew on the range.Therefore, he learned which plants could be used for medicinal purposes and which ones could not. These teachings were then passed on to Mickey; therefore all of Mickey's life has been spent nourishing his parent's cattle, and his own performance horses and bulls with herbs. Silver Lining has literally been in the making for years, and now they have made their proven, herbal combinations available to all of those who care about their horses.

Currently, Silver Lining Herbs are used by some of the worlds most reputable equine vets, chiropractors, and dentists. In addition Silver Lining serves as a daily support system for some of the worlds most accomplished cutting horses, race horses, barrel horses, and hunter/jumpers. It is our goal at Silver Lining to maintain the health of our equine friends, supply maintenance that is cost-effective, as well as educate the horse owner to the value this support makes in the daily performance of all horses.

Silver Lining's herbs combined with a healthy feeding program will provide important natural ingredients to build your horse's system and keep him in top performing condition.

Silver Lining's 30 products of natural quality herbs are designed to be combined with your care and feeding program to provide proper health for your horse and maintain his top performance capabilities and health without the use of damaging chemicals.